Sustainable Organic Farming

The core concept of organic farming is not only about managing soil, water, air, and sunshine to grow plants, but also about fostering organic concept in people’ s hearts which is the most important key to have sustainable organic farming.

About Rai Ruen Rom

“Harmony with the Land” is the slogan of Rai Ruen Rom Organic Farm located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Rai Ruen Rom was set up by a young Thai girl named Sirivimol Kitaphanich graduated from Melbourne University, Australia. After Sirivimol graduated, she considered that she can be a part of people who can solve agricultural problems in Thailand and develop farmers’ lives. Then, Sirivimol decided to try doing organic farm. She found that organic farming is very beneficial for Thai farmers and customers since they promote no chemical pesticides in vegetables and fruits products. Thus, Rai Ruen Rom aims to be a model for others who are interested in doing organic farming.

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โทร. : 02-511-1942, 081-836-1387, 080-085-2471

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Facebook & IG: rairuenrom